Two Hope-Filled Funerals

The doctrine of the physical resurrection of God’s saints from the dead is an often neglected and misunderstood teaching of the Bible. This survey of Scripture is design to demonstrate the great hope this doctrine can give to those who […]

Hope in the Storms of Life

In this message, guest preacher Steve Sellers, a representative of the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, brought the Word in a powerful and personal way. Steve has been fighting cancer by trusting Jesus. The battle has been beyond […]

You Meant Evil, God Meant Good

It is difficult to understand how God could mean good towards us through other people mistreating us or through some terrible episode of suffering. How can God use for good what someone else intends for evil or through what causes […]

By the Mercies of God

Special guest preacher Matt McGinnis brought a message from Romans 12:1-2. What is a “living sacrifice” and how does a Christian become one? Matt seeks to answer this and several other questions from one of the most powerful passages in […]

The Next Generation of Fathers

We have an opportunity to see a generation of boys grow up into strong, mature, tender, and loving men of God. We have a chance to steer the next generation of fathers in the biblical direction, down the narrow path […]

Switching Hands

Throughout Scripture, we find God habitually elevating the weak, broken, and lowly rather than the strong, rich, and powerful. He has a surprising way of switching his hands, just like Jacob did in Genesis 48. Genesis 48:13-20 And Joseph took […]

Born of a Woman

Our Savior Jesus was “born of a woman,” a fact that makes motherhood an incredible significant reality. Therefore, Mother’s Day should not be celebrated in a superficial or trite way, but rather as an act of worship. This message explores […]

Overcome Fear with God’s Promises

A young child will often hesitate on the edge of a swimming pool before jumping into her parents arms. But the promises of the parent (“I’ll catch you”) often raise the child’s level of boldness to the point when they […]