Jesus, Your King

Everybody needs a king. Without oversight, guidance, and wisdom from above, people have a tendency to blindly wander and stray. There is no king greater, higher, or stronger monarch than King Jesus, who was descended from David, the greatest king […]

Jesus, Your Bridge

People love bridges. Travelers come from the world over to see the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. The most fundamental aspect of a bridge is that it connects two points that are separated by a gulf or gap […]

Deacon Ordination Service

August 27 was Deacon Day at RMLBC. We said farewell to a deacon and his wife who have been serving our church for many years. And we said hello to two new deacons who were ordained during this service. Acts […]

Set Apart for the Gospel of God

Generally speaking, a gospel is good news that solves the problems of humanity. There are many gospels. Philosophers, religious leaders, and politicians all offer various gospels. The American Dream is a kind of gospel. But Paul declared that he was […]

A Slave of Jesus with Apostolic Authority

Christianity means happy slavery to Jesus, which is true freedom. Have you willingly given up rights to your own life? Can you proclaim with Paul that you are a slave of Christ, branded as his property? In this message from […]

The Apostle Paul

Saul of Tarsus was known as a Christian killer. It seems unlikely that God would have chosen him to be such a foundational leader in the early church. But God has a way of taking those who are least likely […]

Two Hope-Filled Funerals

The doctrine of the physical resurrection of God’s saints from the dead is an often neglected and misunderstood teaching of the Bible. This survey of Scripture is design to demonstrate the great hope this doctrine can give to those who […]

Hope in the Storms of Life

In this message, guest preacher Steve Sellers, a representative of the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, brought the Word in a powerful and personal way. Steve has been fighting cancer by trusting Jesus. The battle has been beyond […]