Children’s Ministries

God has blessed our church with many babies and children! We count each one as a blessing from the Lord, and seek to do our part to teach them of their need for a Savior as early as possible.

Sunday School

During Sunday School (9:30 am), each child is given special attention to help them understand the Bible, learn to praise God from the heart, and time to fellowship with their teacher and friends. Getting into the weekly habit of bringing children to this ministry could have a profound impact on shaping their character.

Children’s Church (up to 2nd Grade)

Children are welcome to attend “Big Church” each Sunday at 10:30 am. But we also provide Children’s Church for kids up to 2nd grade. These children first come into Big Church, and are able to sing the praises of God with their parents and friends. During the offering, those who choose to go to Children’s Church are dismissed. While there, they will continue to sing praise songs, and hear a lesson from God’s Word in a way that is relevant to their age group.

Water Day 2013


The RMLBC nursery is in session several timesĀ each week: Sun 9:30 (Sunday School), Sunday 10:30 (morning worship), Sunday 6pm (evening worship), and Wednesday 6pm.

Staffed by proven volunteers, the nursery is designed to be a place for infants to be nurtured and loved so that parents may enjoy services without distraction.

Every Sunday night at 6pm, our children gather to memorize Scripture in an incredibly fun and memorable environment through the Awana program. Kids love it, and it is a fantastic way to help them get the truth of Scripture inside their minds and hearts. If you would like your kids to be a part of this amazing program, they can start any time!