Switching Hands

Throughout Scripture, we find God habitually elevating the weak, broken, and lowly rather than the strong, rich, and powerful. He has a surprising way of switching his hands, just like Jacob did in Genesis 48. Genesis 48:13-20 And Joseph took […]

Born of a Woman

Our Savior Jesus was “born of a woman,” a fact that makes motherhood an incredible significant reality. Therefore, Mother’s Day should not be celebrated in a superficial or trite way, but rather as an act of worship. This message explores […]

Overcome Fear with God’s Promises

A young child will often hesitate on the edge of a swimming pool before jumping into her parents arms. But the promises of the parent (“I’ll catch you”) often raise the child’s level of boldness to the point when they […]

The Glorious Numbing of the Heart When God Works

Sometimes God is so good it almost stops the heart of a believer. Jacob experienced this when he first heard the news that his son Joseph was still alive. It was truly a heart-numbing moment. Have you ever experienced such […]

How Has God Sent You?

Do you feel like you are sent by God to your family, neighborhood, work, or school? Some may be aware of God’s sending work, while others may not feel sent at all. When we look closely at Joseph’s words in […]

Too Good to Be True Yet It Is

What if without warning you noticed $48 million in your bank account! Too good to be true? Probably so. But as you will hear in this Easter message, the resurrection of Jesus is even better than $48 million. It is […]

The Stones Would Cry Out

Jesus knows that he is worthy of praise. After all, it was he who declared that if people remain silent, the very stones would cry out in praise. This Palm Sunday message is designed to raise the level of joy […]

God Uses Desperate Times to Change Our Hearts

When desperate times come, people often blame God, or feel like he doesn’t love them. However, God often uses desperate times as a catalyst to draw people to his grace. When he does this, the desperate time is actually an […]