Christ Is Supreme Over Creation

A Sunday night message from youth director Chris Sanford from Colossians 1:15, “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.”

What Is a Christian? Part 1

Opinions differ widely on the answer to the question: What Is a Christian? In Romans 1:6-7, the apostle Paul provides five authoritative answers that will help believers better understand who they are in Christ. This sermon unpacks the first two. Christians […]

The Point of Christian Service Part 3

On October 8, like so many other congregations, RMLBC had to cancel our Sunday morning service because Tropical Storm Nate was tearing through our area. Though we weren’t able to hold a worship service, Pastor Jason was able to preach […]

The Point of Christian Service Part 2

In Romans 1:5, Paul states that “we are receivers of grace.” To be a receiver (and not a giver) is a humbling experience. And God’s people are recipients of grace, which begins in the good and loving heart of God […]

Black and White: A Christian Conversation on Race

This important and lively discussion took place at Sardis Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL, where Dr. Kurt Clark is the senior pastor. The panel consisted of four pastors, Emmanuel Davis, Steven Castello, Carl Hill, and Jason Dollar (two black pastors […]

The Point of Christian Service Part 1

The church is not a religious retail outlet. It is more like a family, where everyone has chores. Or a body, in which every part plays a role in the overall function. All Christian service must be carried out through […]

Jesus, Your King

Everybody needs a king. Without oversight, guidance, and wisdom from above, people have a tendency to blindly wander and stray. There is no king greater, higher, or stronger monarch than King Jesus, who was descended from David, the greatest king […]

Jesus, Your Bridge

People love bridges. Travelers come from the world over to see the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. The most fundamental aspect of a bridge is that it connects two points that are separated by a gulf or gap […]