God intends to elevate all of his people to a remarkably high level, a fact illustrated in Joseph’s ascension from a prison to the palace in Genesis 41. More importantly, Jesus was elevated on the cross and in his resurrection […]

Kyle Mabrey Memorial Service

The memorial service for Kyle Mabrey, FLW fisherman and respiratory therapist at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. The first file is the entire service, including special songs and tributes to Kyle. The second file is only the message from the service […]

Suffering, Deliverance, and the Glory of God

Every Christian must face the difficult reality of suffering. God never promised perfect circumstances, but he does promise to deliver his children through every trial. Joseph suffered unjustly for 13 years before God delivered him, and we may have suffer […]

Joseph in Potiphar’s House as Pattern and Pointer

In Genesis 39, Joseph functions as both a pattern of good and moral behavior and as a pointer to the perfect life of Jesus Christ. There are three areas of life when Joseph functions as pattern and pointer to Christ: […]

Only the Son of Judah Could Save Judah

In Genesis 38, God turned the scandal between Judah and Tamar into a life-changing moment for them both. Though always a squeamish chapter to preach (or even read), the lessons we learn from this story are monumental. For example, we […]

Dreaming Big Dreams for Your Family

Series: Joseph, Judah, and Jesus (Sermon 1) Text: Genesis 37 Two main points: Be Real about Family Problems. Dream Big Dreams for Your Family.

Crucified with Christ

Guest preacher: Jake Posey