Thank you for visiting the online home of Rock Mountain Lakes Baptist Church. If you are planning to visit the church, the following listĀ of FAQs will help you better understand our congregation.

  • Who is the pastor? Jason Dollar has been the pastor for nearly 9 years. If you’d like to know more about Pastor Jason, check out his blog at Glory Focus.
  • Do you have other staff? Yes, we have a youth minister (Chris Sanford), a children’s director (Erin Colvin), and a worship leader (Heidi Brack).
  • What is the basic doctrinal stance of the church? We subscribe to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. We are a theologically conservative. This means, among other things, that we believe the Bible is without error and fully authoritative in our lives.
  • How long does the morning service last? Our morning services usually last an hour and fifteen minutes. They begin at 10:30am and usually end around 11:45am. The sermons are typically 30 minutes or so.
  • What kinds of sermons does Pastor Jason preach? All of the sermons come directly from the text of Scripture. The goal of our preaching is to thoroughly explain the Bible and apply it to our lives directly. If you’d like to sample one of Pastor Jason’s sermons, click here.
  • What kind of music is used during the service? We try our best to blend styles. We sing both the great hymns of the church and the more modern praise music.
  • Am I expected to give money if I visit? Financially supporting kingdom ministries can be a wonderful act of worship, and we do receive an offering during morning services, however, we do not expect visitors to give, nor do we pressure people to give. This is between you and God.
  • Are your services only for people who are already committed Christians? Our services are designed to help Christians worship God and grow in his Word, however any person of good will who visits our church will be warmly welcomed and treated with dignity. For example, those who are skeptical of the Christian faith are most certainly welcome to come and explore, ask questions, and learn about the faith.
  • How many people attend on a typical Sunday morning? We usually run between 90-120.
  • Do you have a nursery? Yes. During our morning services we offer a nursery for children from birth through age 3. Additionally, we offer children’s church for children from age 4 through 2nd grade. If you are interested in using the nursery, just bring your child to the gym area at least 10 minutes before the service begins. The children who attend children’s church will be dismissed from the main service and picked up in the gym area after the service concludes.
  • What do people wear to the services? Most folks dress somewhere between casual and business casual (from jeans to khakis). We are more interested in developing a heart of worship than standards of dress.

Hopefully, this gives you some guidance as to whether RMLBC is a place you’d like to visit. If you decide to join us for a service, you will be welcomed and treated as a guest of honor.